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helpmeI remember all too often, when I ministered in Germany and in Holland that people were excited about the revival center and shared their experiences with their pastors. Pastors’ reply, “What can he teach us Christians, he is a Jew.” Then some came to me with singled out scriptures from prophets Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Hosea etc., but only with the angry portions where God spoke harshly; trying to prove to me that God is finished with Jews as a nation. Hatred, or ignorance? I’d say idiots into which they have turned themselves with their thinking and words.. They have swallowed the anti-Semite Luther’s pride and exalted themselves above the heavens (Is. 14) and so they have proven to be fools. They do not know their Creartor nor His Word.

Suffering? This word is too small to even elaborate.

Most pro-Israel Christians want to show off their goodness for Israel, much less for a Jew who stands near by them, processions on the Feast of Tabernacles in Jerusalem throwing kisses… but don’t you teach us anything because after all we are Christians, saved and washed in the blood…

Yet, the truth remains and it will never change. “SALVATION IS OF THE JEWS” – Said Jesus to a non-Jewish lady (a Samaritan, John 4:22-24) – Of the Jews – as one whole package; therefore a Christian is not fully saved when he or she singles out Jesus out of the greater body of His people the Jews. There is much more to salvation than an average Christian ever thought.

So how could Luther be even saved by grace, which he preached when this ‘scholar’ of the New Testament excluded the Jew and turned against him in most vehement hatred and paved the way for Hitler. How could he ever twist Paul’s Letter to the Romans which in its entirety speaks about the Roman Christian Gentile regarding the Jew and Israel.

[Luther] “The Jews deserve to be hanged on gallows, seven times higher than ordinary thieves” “We ought to take revenge on the Jews and kill them.” “The blind Jews are truly stupid fools””Now just behold these miserable, blind, and senseless people.””Eject them forever from this country””[End of Luther]

Who is the real fool here? Luther perhaps borrowed money from a Jewish moneylender and expected it for free. As the interest started to compound Luther’s anger grew for after all the “saintly Jew supposed to give money for free and not land.” If a Jew makes money and lands money then that is already an act of kindness, but in Luther’s mind that foreigner Jew made money off of Christian Germans. And for convenience sake the Jew also rejected Christ just so that he could use usury etc… And so the anti-Semitic blabber goes on.

Today the German government monitors your money sniffing out your bank account. Surveillance. Spying on  your income and spending? I have seen their tactics. Slavery! Who oppresses who?

Hitler went to Poland to get his revenge on the Jews. Hitler sent his first Storm Troops to Ukraine.

Ukrainians have much blood on their hands and God’s judgments now come. (Gen. 15:26) Sooner or later the cup of wickedness must be filled and then it spills over.

Without the help of the Ukrainian Christians the Nazis could not round up the Jews. They needed neighborly finks to point the finger at; and they did it with joy. In that crowd were also non-Jews, but since they were never seen in the church they were suspected of being Jewish.

100,000 Jews were ordered to dig tranches, undress and stand before the trench. They were shot with machine guns. That was the first massacre in the wee hours of the WW II; 3 years before the first concentrations camps were raised.

The Bible writers who wrote the absolute truth about themselves; who gave Jesus to the world; received this treatment from the hands of their neighbors.  At least Poland repented, changed their laws and welcomed Jews back. Historically, in the first place, it was Poland that opened the door for the fleeing Jew. None of this ever happened in Ukraine.

Perhaps Luther secretly planned it too, but his life got cut short? It’s a one big bundle of greed and self-righteous renting. No straight thought, no straight bone; everything is twisted to suit the corrupt self.

Beware of self-righteous Christians who will fill your mind with Armageddons, Lucifters, Antichrists, Beasts and False Prophets and those who theorize about the rapture. They say to you to get ready and quickly get more of their materials. The itch to show off is all too tempting.

He who knows freedom knows God.

Get ready….

But how do you get ready? Do you do not know? What? Fall on your knees and stay on them 24/7? Perhaps tremble being afraid to even go to the bathroom lest you miss the coming of Christ? Don’t go to a cinema, don’t watch TV because when the rapture comes Christ will leave you behind…. Imbeciles. They only know fear, eternal damnation and hell. Slaves to man’s doctrine and false interpretation of God’ Word. Eternal fire has been mistaken for a tormenting fire, which can only burn matter but not spirit. Pharisees created hell; traveled across the seas to make converts to the same making worse sons of hell than they were (said Jesus the Liberator).

Fear, intimidation, enslavement, religious bondage!!!  

We are ready for anything. We are at peace with God for we know way much more than all the rest does.

We have opened our minds for the pure and unadulterated Holy Spirit’s stream of knowledge. How blessed we are to know love, joy and peace in its truest essence.


Christ will not come until my task is finished. The Last Reformation must happen first.

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  1. Today I saw on TV a lady say that the Jews will rule the World from Jerusalem and then gave us so Bible verses about it. Then she advertised her program with: “And who the Christians will rule over?” Ruling is so exciting to most that this sentiment totally obscures the truth.


    One stepped into a muddy puddle and drags another into the same. The crown of glory itch, the mansions and golden streets… These are earthly perceptions to the earthly material core. Think about it.

    Jesus said, “The last shall be first and the first shall be last.” “Unless you get converted and become like child… You shall not even SEE God’s Kingdom.” So this glory itch blinds.

    Read or download completely free booklet (when you write to me) THE LOST GLORY HUNT (PDF)

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