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    A must read Ultimate Liberation of the Soul.
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    Beat it or heal it.Peacemakers are much more than conciliators or interventionists.
  • Straight Way

    Airplanes fly in bows, trains on rails and automobiles on roads. All vehicles seek the straightest and fastest way. We have produced obstacles and as a result we must create roads that go around them; so it is often with our not so straight thinking. Anything subjective tends to bend the straight and narrow. A child cannot be an adult, but an adult can choose to become like a child. This educated choice is powerful.

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  • Brain Connectivity

    The more knowledge your mind absorbs the faster it connects. Unlike computers, which eventually run out of memory when the filled with data hard drives reach capacity, our minds keep on expanding. The renewal of mind starts with the correct liberating knowledge. Where did logic come from? Why the new gene that circulates the globe is present in a bout 1/3 of the entire human population?

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  • Immortality

    Is immortality real? Is it obtainable? What does the Bible say about life without dying? Arguments for and against come from knowledge or from ignorance. A blind faith is impotent and cannot be even called faith. Just as faith without works is dead so is a blind faith. "Enoch walked with God and God took him." It is hard to trust someone you do not know. Learn more about the life changing force of faith.

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wise[Matthew 7:24-27] Therefore everyone who hears these words of Mine and acts on them, may be compared to a wise man who built his house on the rock. And the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and slammed against that house; and yet it did not fall, for it had been founded on the rock. Everyone who hears these words of Mine and does not act on them, will be like a foolish man who built his house on the sand. The rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and slammed against that house; and it fell—and great was its fall.

Both men understood and knew, but one built his house on sand while the other on a rock. One was called a foolish man while the other wise. Therefore, wisdom is not only understanding, which in fact absorbs knowledge; and not only accumulated knowledge but the actual practice of what one has grasped and known and then put it into practical use.

You can apply the heavenly laws to your earthly walk, which is of wisdom. Once you grasp these things well and fasten them together making a solid unit of God’s oneness then all you need to hold on to is knowledge. The more of the inspirational knowledge you acquire and manage the sooner you become wise; and that is the ultimate goal in life.

Enoch walked with God and he was no more for God took him. Enoch became compatible with God again, but this compatibility had to be learned not in heaven, but very much with his feet set on the ground. So Enoch walked and walking with God means having your mind illuminated by God. He then reveals to you His laws, which govern all things in existence.