After reports of tremendous miracles that took place in Brazil I was invited to England. Pastor Paul Cartlige scheduled a 10-day revival meetings in a large school hall in the city of Poole/Dorset. As we have entered about the fifth or seventh night I was getting more and more in tune with God's Spirit and by making myself more dependant on His leading I was asking Him for specific persons He planned to deliver or heal each night; I made it a daily practice. One evening as I was entering the hall asking the Lord to show me who is that special person to be healed tonight He pointed at a lady who just rolled herself in a wheelchair into the auditorium, saying "I want to heal her tonight." "Lord please give me something easier" - I responded. Then I thought, OK perhaps this is the time to test myself if I am willing to make a fool of myself, no matter whether I heard it right or made it all up. Well, I was ready to make a fool of myself and I called the lady to the front. I wanted to find out if she perhaps received a special gift of faith for her healing that is the reason why the Lord is directing me to call her up. First I asked her, "how long is she in the chair", she said, "20 years." What is the illness, she said, "Multiple Sclerosis." Then she added that she cannot stand or move in any way and that her husband who is not a believing Christian must do that for her.

I realized that she was indeed a born-again Christian so I asked her if she has faith for her healing, she responded negatively saying, "I'm sorry, but it's now more than 20 years since I have been confined to my bed and this wheelchair I guess I lost any hope for a miracle."

I was at loss, now came my turn to make a fool of myself. But then the Lord whispered to me saying, "isn't faith a gift?" That's right, it is one of the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit. So I turned to the lady and asked her another question: "would you be willing to open yourself up to the possibility of getting healed, after the Lord had forgiven you your sin of unbelief and then would imparted the gift of faith into your heart?" Without any hesitation she said "YES," I then led her in sinner's prayer, and then I laid my hands on her asking for the gift then I waited. I looked at her and her face was radiant. "Are you ready" I asked, she said "yes I am ready." Just moments ago she was not ready, but something happened and she was ready. I have laid hands on her the second time and prayed, then my body was stricken with a powerful jolt of electricity, it vibrated and my hands too; it felt as if hot oil was oozing from my fingers into her body, she exclaimed, "I'm burning!"

After everything subsided I asked the lady if she could stand. She looked at me with a totally changed expression and raised herself from the chair.

She stood up. "Could you do this before?" I asked her. She said, "not in the past 20 years." "Can you make a step forward?" She made the first attempt, then the second, then at the third step she begun to lose balance, I quickly intervened and said, "If you could not even stand before and now you have made these two steps don't you think that it is God who gave you the power to do this?" She obviously agreed and proceeded to make the third step, then she started to walk and she walks normally until this very day.

The next day, without the help of her roll-chair, she brought her unbelieving husband to the service; her husband now was the living witness of her previous condition and of the power of God that caused the present condition. As he came to the front he offered his life to God with tears of repentance and as I proceeded to return to the podium I heard behind me a thump, I looked back and there was the 6 feet toll plus man laying on the floor the same one who just gave his life to Jesus. We have waited a while and after about ten minutes of laying on the floor quite ineptly he was trying to lift himself up. With a bit rickety walk he looked for his wife, she came close to him and they hugged. All that was left for me to say is that up until this moment they were just one flesh, but now they are not only one flesh, but also one in the spirit, made one by the Spirit of the living God who changes not, He is the same yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever.