I was invited to minister in 'Elim' church in the city of Hamburg - Germany. Prior to the meeting I was told that some claiming to be Satan worshippers would also attend; prostitutes and other street people were also invited. During the service the group of punks have gotten too rowdy for me to continue with my message and I felt that I must stop and tell them to at lest have the courtesy to permit others to enjoy the service. 


I stopped preaching and told them that if they do not enjoy the meeting then let them leave for there are others who do do not wish to be disturbed. The boys were stunned and did not know how to react, they did not expect this sort of un-intimidated response to their unruly behavior.  Four guys left, but their boss remained and since he had no one to talk to he listened. After a while I noticed him leaving, but soon he returned together with the other four and this time the whole group remained quiet.  

Closer to the front a prostitute seeking to be set free from her shameful lifestyle was intent on getting the message. I made the alter call and she was the first one giving her life to Jesus, the rowdy four guys left again, but their boss, visibly touched by the Word, made his way to the front. He was delivered and wonderfully saved; that evening about 15 people experienced the miracle of new birth. 

I was told that the man who  have given his life to Jesus was a Satanist and his friends were the members of his church.

People know very well what is true and what is false, for the Gospel is the mirror.