One night I opened my eyes and saw a man sitting on a cupboard urging me to go to my aunt's room; she had a heart attack and with one foot was already in the other world. I called for ambulance, but it never came so I took hold of her and shook her up commanding death to leave her and life to come in; she opened her eyes and strangely looked at me. She was back and just fine, out of her gratitude she was looking for an opportunity to bless God.


Years later when I was about to escape from the Communist Army she was visited by an angel. I was nowhere to be reached, but I was successful in securing a passport and US visa, but with no cent to my name, either any prospects for getting any money for the ticket I said, "Lord, you performed these three miracles, got me out of the army, confused the police and gave me a passport and then a visa. Then all I needed was 35.000 [an amount big enough to buy a car].


Finally my aunt got hold of me and said: "what are you up to?" I was hesitant to tell her because her telephone was bugged and I was being spied on for my underground activities, already some of my friends I worked with were in jail and interrogated and forced to disclose the names of their corroborators. I was already in great danger and now I am getting ready to slip out of the country. But the grateful aunt  continued on saying that last night a man in light came to her and said, "Joseph needs you" and then he went away.


I was stunned and so I told her the truth. She said, "help me with my coat and let's go." We went to her Bank; she was able to save some money from the wartime after the Communists confiscated her sugar factory and so now the opportunity to bless God for His graciousness has arrived. I bought the ticket and safely arrived in the West. 


In the city of Troy Illinois a young mother to be came to me crying, she said," I just came from a doctor's office and it's been confirmed that my unborn baby is dead and I must be operated in order to remove the tiny corpse. I comforted her and said, "doctor Jesus says something else, your baby lives and will be normal, go back to the same place and be examined again. You will give birth and the child will not be brain-damaged." A year later I happened to be back in the same church and the same lady comes to me holding her baby, look it's my baby, alive and well and is not brain-damaged."


At four o'clock in the morning Bob - one of my coworkers - called me to tell me that his friend had accidentally killed a man. A young man from Russia, a boxer, got a job as a bouncer in one of Rotterdam's disco clubs.

A fight broke out and he knocked the troublemaker to the ground, but the hit was too powerful for the man was not only knocked out. When the ambulance arrived they could not detect his pulse nor were they able to revive him. The man was pronounced dead. Mike was charged with manslaughter and was arrested. As he was being escorted to jail he asked Bob to help him, "ask the preacher to pray for me!" - he shouted.

Bob called me up (in in the US) with desperate voice he explained to me the situation. I prayed for Mike right there on the phone. The next day Bob called me back and said, "Joseph you know what happened? The corpse was in the hospital, but while you prayed Mike came to life. He jumped off the bed and ran out of the hospital."

Bob said: "So Mike is off the hook and now he wants to thank you; he is so happy he promises to read all of your books."