I was traveling through Ethiopian towns and villages preaching the Gospel and was amazed that I never lacked translators. Little boys approached me asking me if I have anything to give them, food or clothing, when I replied that I gave it all away already they asked me if I have something to read, I said, 'that I do have'. These boys were not more than 12 years old and already spoke English. I asked if they have learned it at school, but the answer was negative, actually they picked it from reading newspapers the foreigners left behind; smart kids and quick too - I thought to myself. I had no problem with crowds either the moment I started to sing and preach I had audiences that swelled to hundreds, but mostly kids. In those days more than 50 % of the population was under 15 years of age.

As a result of these meetings many were saved. On my way to the hotel three boys followed me. I stopped and conversed with them, they reminded me that I promised them something to read. The Bibles I brought were in their own Amahric language so I went to my room to bring them then these three boys asked me if there is still more than just this wonderful experience of New Birth they have just received? I said, 'yes, you now need to get baptized in water'. They asked me if I could baptize them? I told them to come before sunrise to the Lake Tana there I will baptize them.

At the dawn the boys were baptized and greatly rejoiced. After the baptism they asked me if there is still more? I said, 'yes, there is more, you can be baptized in the Holy Spirit and go and preach the Gospel'. Without any hesitation they asked me to do it for them; I laid hands them and all at once they started to glorify God in new tongues, I did not have to teach them anything I just told them to go to the near villages and towns and tell the people what had happened to them. They grabbed their Bibles and ran to the nearby towns and villages; all that they left behind was a smoke of dust. Most likely they keep on preaching till this very day, God is faithful and He does not always need Bible Schools and special training to do His own work of saving, delivering and healing.