Once in a meeting in Erlangen , about 12 years ago you prayed for me. The meeting was already over, you was about to bless the people and say farewell. I drove about 200 kms to get to that meeting with two little children with me. It was not easy for me... and I had expectation that the Lord would help me by your ministry, because I was desperate.

So, as you were about to close the ministry, silently I thought to myself, "Okay, I have another possibility but to take my life. I planned to kill myself. Suddenly you paused, and you said, "Wait, the Lord wants to do something else."

You called me to the front and started to prophecy about my life that I shall not worry about what I shall eat or wear or where I shall live or where I should work (I was about 33 years old, with no profession, alone with two little children, no help from anyone, and very desperate.

Dear brother Rubin, the Lord has tremendously blessed my life I'm blessed out if my socks. I am so thankful. I learned to play piano for the very first time, when I was 30 years old, and today I have my own house. I am working in my own music school, teaching four instruments, and I am a free person, so thankful and glad.

Next Sunday we give a christmas performance, later at the end the little children where singing a song about that the Lord Jesus who chose a small place in our hearts to plant this christmas tree into (a friend of mine told me that the tree is Israel).

I had only closed doors in my life (some are still closed), but today I can say that I have found great peace and that I am ready when the Lord Himself comes to take my life.