During my Evangelistic campaigns in Paraguay people were throwing on the platform photographs, handkerchiefs, shirts and other items that identified their loved ones.


Testimonies of awesome miracles swept the city. People left hospitals, recovered without operations, witches were saved and those practicing witchcraft were delivered.


Once as I was being taken across the city some people recognized the van and blocked the intersection, sticking photos and handkerchiefs through the windows. We had to stand at the intersection for a along time blocking the traffic. This time the street campaign, after the main one, started all over again. 


I remember one lady giving an interesting testimony. Her rebellious daughter was being invited to the campaign at the Medical Park in the Center of Asuncion, that's where I have conducted the open air evangelistic meetings, but the girl refused to come. Her mother, seeing all the handkerchiefs on the platform brought her own. When she came home she slipped it under the pillow of her daughter. In the morning the girl sweetly said,: "mama, I would like to go with you tonight to the meeting with Joseph Luxum."

When they both arrived the girl gave her heart to Jesus and was delivered from witchcraft. That was indeed a powerful pillow she slept on.