Once in a Lutheran church in East Germany a lady asked me if I still could pray for another person. I already prayed for more than 200 people and the meeting lasted beyond midnight, which is a very unusual thing for Germany, but I said, "yes I will." The lady, Emma, said: but the lady is not here, but in West Germany and tomorrow she is about to have an operation on her eyes, or rather what's left of them. That lady was blind and scheduled for for an operation where her eye pits were going to be prepared for the artificial glass eyes, because there were no eyes left in her eye pits. I took hold of Emma's hands and suddenly everything went black before me, I was aware that I am still standing, but my spirit traveled.

I could not hear the people anymore and for a short while I could not see them. I traveled westwards over cities and towns then have entered a strange house then I leaned over a lady on her bed and touched her then God took me out of that place and brought me back to the place where I was standing still holding Emma's hands. I smiled and said, "something wonderful has happened."

One month later I got a letter with this report. This totally blind lady wrote with her own hand. That very night I awoke with a burning sensation in my eye pits, I got up and noticed that I could see some light. Not knowing what to make of it I turned on the light and suddenly I could see the contours of the room and the furniture. I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror and I could see myself; each second the vision kept on improving until my vision was clear. The next day my doctor, in total bewilderment and disbelief, examined my eyes and did not know what to make of it, he has never seen anything like it,; there was no need for an operation. God had created brand new eyes, I see clearly now. 

There are laws governing such miracles. How I wish I could explain them, but most love their own interpretations or rather no interpretations, for it is just too wonderful.

A minister cannot think about himself when he ministers, but about the needs of others; he is a servant. It grieves God to see the human self-centeredness which is the greatest of all an illness, which must be first cured than the blindness is removed and why not living the LIFE MORE ABUNDANT?