Not so long ago my coworker has called regarding a preganat woamn. The medical diagnosis were not good. The lady was carrying a mongoloid (Dawn syndrome) child. In addition to that she was afraid of childbirth pains. Her previous experiences were so bad that she could not face yet another birth, and to add to her anxiety she now was carrying an abnormal baby.

I asked Emma some questions:

If the couple did and still do love the ministry and do they support it? Do they have an account with the Lord?

All these questions Emma answered favorably and affirmatively. Upon learning this I said to Emma: "please tell the lady that she has nothing to worry, her birth will be easy and the baby will be totally normal."  

Emma conveyed my message and few months later comes the news.

The pregnant woman all of a sudden started to experience childbirth pains; her husband rushed her to the car; quickly they took off for the hospital. While in the car her water broke and she could not wait any longer; she gave birth in few short minutes on the back seat of their car.

When they arrived at the hospital, the baby's umbilical cord was cut; but then...