It was already several days since I had proper food in my mouth and I started to get really hungry. I asked the Lord to feed me as He had promised in His Word. I had no money and no food and as a student of the Optical School in Warsaw I lived alone. While I was still talking, out loud, to what one might say the walls, I felt God's nudging, as it were telling me to go and buy myself proper food. 'I have no money Lord', I said. 'Go and buy yourself food', the voice insisted. 'OK, I will borrow the money from my neighbor', I replied, but I never did this before and felt ashamed to. The Lord said again, 'do not borrow any money, just go and buy yourself food'.

I asked, "Without money?" He said, "Just go!"

At this point I was interested to find out if this is my imagination or someone is really talking to me and to know for sure I would have to obey this voice.

I ran down eight flights of stairs and was already in the courtyard when all of a sudden strong wind picked up all the garbage from the street and blew it through the gate right before my feet. I looked down and in this swirling pile of trash I noticed something that looked like money, a hundred dollar bill. Well, I picked the banknote and went to the store. I had enough food for one week.