Beginning in Poland (I was just 14-15 years of age), I knew nothing about divine healing, either was I yet baptized in the Holy Spirit, but time does not matter to God for He owns it.

An older lady had a stroke and became lame on one side I loved her and prayed to the Lord: 'what can I do to help?' For the first time I heard the Lord's inner voice saying: 'if you just fast seven days for her on water only then I will heal her'. This was my first obedience to God's voice. I completed the fast and asked her if I could touch her? She allowed me to touch her and I said: In Jesus' name be healed, and I ran out the door as quickly as I could. I was trembling. When I reached the street I looked back in the direction of her house, lo and behold the lame was walking around her house, totally healed. She remained healed for another 15 sickness-free years. In her late eighties the Lord took her home. A living witness to God's graciousness for indeed the Almighty does speak and He answers prayers.