Before I came to the united States of America I went through a series of supernatural experiences with the Lord. But the experience I wish to share with you is one of a kind and it had changed my life forever.

During late seventies I worked with a music band, which I created out of guys who had no clue about music, but were eager to play so I taught them. Over a period of few years we have achieved something, but the difficulty was equipment and money. Needless to say we bonded, enjoyed each other's company. One day there was a split in our group fomented by a new guitar player; he distanced the guys and in some strange way succeeded turning them against me. Since he could really play quite well he had gained an instant respect.

One day I came down to the basement to see how the rehearsal is going on, but the atmosphere had changed. The guys were no longer my buddies, but estranged themselves.

At that time I was high on the Lord, I was reading the Bible 4 chapters a day and prayed a lot. I was reading the book of Ezekiel when that thing happened...

After being deeply hurt and disappointed I knew that it was time to split. I went upstairs and on my knees, already then I had a real desire to go to America. But for all practical reasons this was impossible.

It was about 6 PM when I said to the Lord that it is too much for me to bear, I am so hurt. But then I said: 'Lord if you give me an experience like Ezekiel did... I mean a real one, physical visitation from heaven, like when Ezekiel saw the man in the white shining linen tunic standing by the brook Ulay then I am your slave with no will of my own - this is my covenant with You.'

Few minutes passed and I was still on my knees when all of a sudden I heard a very loud music, I ran outside on the balcony, thinking someone had turned up a radio to high; but the music was not coming from outside. I pressed my ear against the wall, but the music was not coming from behind the wall either, actually from none of the walls.

I started to be alarmed and stood in the middle of the room... puzzled; the music's gotten even louder, the low and the high pitches were so crystal clear and beyond anything a human ear can hear that actually then I thought that it must be something of heavenly nature.

Still standing mesmerized the room all of a sudden had changed, great light appeared and as if thousands of Angels filled the room, I sat on the edge of my bad watching.

While the music pulsated - like ocean waves bringing to me the harmonious sounds and engulfing my being - I watched the smiling faces of these angels who seemed to be busy infecting me with comfort and joy.

To my right I suddenly saw rambling boulders rolling themselves one upon another. They were made out of solid rock, but I had noticed that flowers sprung up from them round about. The angels were comforting me, smiled and blinked their eyes with obvious joy; the stones - all by themselves - were busy building something like a wall or a monument; the music was loud, but pleasant...

Being totally enthralled by this spectacular vision (it was not a vision, but a real visitation, which I actually saw) I had reached towards these divine beings trying to embrace them, and that's when everything vanished... Their mission was accomplished ... I guess.

I cried for more, but more did not come; the peace, however, which I never had before, remained until this day.