In Switzerland concerned parents asked me to pray for their little son. Doctors have not given the boy even a ten years to live for his heart was deformed and without a heart-transplant the boy would not only properly develop, but die prematurely. They have invited me to their house; the boy reminded me of my own childhood, frail and anemic, my heart went out to him. I took him in my arms and just loved him and hugged him until I would feel the release of God's powerful presence. I did not have to talk much in order to build up his parent's faith, for they knew God, but just like my own parents they had more faith in medicine than in the One who created it, and since there was no hope in the natural my prayer was that only hope. I knew that this is the divine law of creation for when there is no hope that's when miracles happen. Indeed, God's powerful presence and compassion flooded my body and oozed into the boy, I giggled and the house was filled with God's glory. The boy received a brand new heart and lives till this very day in health. 



The lady that came to my meeting from Italy and after the miraculous disappearance of her breast tumor, told her friends haw the Lord has healed her so that she needed no operation, her friend who was scheduled for a heart-transplant asked her to ask the minister to also pray for her. 

While we spoke on the phone God gave me a word for the heart-transplant lady, "please do not be concerned your Creator just gave you a brand new heart." 


Just few weeks later I received news that the new heart she was awaiting finally arrived and she was about to undergo a serious operation. Additional tests were conducted and then given to the chief surgeon, but when he saw the tests and after examining her himself he said: 'you can live with this heart to be a hundred, what is this, a joke?'