in USA I visited a church where people seemed unawake. They seemed distant and sort of suspicious. As I ministered in that church for several days more and more people were getting interested, but with much of a dealy.

One day the Lord told me to go about and ask anyone if he or she might want to be healed. Having no clue what He was up to I obeyed and went about the church room asking, but no one was 'interested.'

Well, trying to be obedient I kept on asking until I came to one lady who looked at me with strange eyes. I asked her: "do you need healing?" She replied, "No." I said; "are you sure?" Then she responded and said, "well actually I do need a healing, I have this growth on my neck for a very long time and I would like it to go."

I looked at her intently and I said, "are you sure that you still have the growth?"

"Oh yes it is there all right!" She exclaimed.

But I insisted and again asked her the same question. Then she looked at me with disbelief while I asked her to reach her hand towards that area and feel it.

(Lady) "Oh my God! Oh my God! It"s gone!"

She tried to find it but the growth was nowhere to be found.