It was during the time of severe famine in Ethiopia a country stilled ruled by communism. travel was restricted, except for humanitarian purposes. The 'World Vision' organization was very helpful in securing permits for our activities. 


I brought from the Holy Land a sesame seed delight called halvah, but there was perhaps enough of it for five or less people. Before I left for Ethiopia I asked the Lord, "what is the law of multiplication?"  After a while I received a very clear and simple answer, "an overwhelming need is the environment in which multiplication occurs". I understood perfectly. 


In one of the villages I was proclaiming the word to more than 200 people, singing and playing guitar. The crowds were swelling up.

At one moment  the skeleton like naked people were signaling that they were hungry. I was ashamed to show them what I've got, but then remembered what the lord told me right before my trip.

I took my pocket knife and started to cut the halvah and gave it to all. After a while more than half of it returned while all the people kept on chewing it and re-chewing it like those animals that chew cud.

I asked if all have already eaten, they could not even open their mouths for they were busy chewing what was still in them.

God indeed multiplied the handful piece of bread for almost 300 people and He also multiplied the food while still in their mouths.

I offered some more of the multiplied bread, but none were able to pointing at their stomachs showing how stuffed they were.

Glory to God! Truly amazing!



Seven pastors from Poland came for a visit, but was a holidy and all shops were closed and my neighbors were gone. I did not have any food at home, so I told the men that I am not sure if I'll be able to feed them, but hey came anyway.

Well, I looked in the cupboards and found one measly package of spaghetti, big enough perhaps for two people, let alone seven strong men. I also found a jar of tomato sauce and I started to cook.

I remembered the law that NEED is the miraculous environment in which multiplication of food happens, just as moisture and warmth provides perfect conditions for the growth of mushrooms.  My friend's wife, who knew nothing of my dilemma,  was helping me with this 'experiment' and her husband, as the eighth person, was to join us later on. 

Everything was ready, little, but ready, then, holding breath and praying I served the first plate and handed it over to the lady to pass it on to the brothers. Then the next one and the next one... each time the amount of noodles in the sifter remained as if totally untouched. Seven full plates with lots of sauce were served and the sifter was still full, and the pot was still full of sauce. My guests had seconds too. I ate too and one more plate was prepared for the lady's husband, who actually got tide up and could not come.   

The brothers got very relaxed and fell asleep, those upstairs and those on the ground floor were all snoring.  In amazement I watched them sleep. Had they only known where this all came from they would have danced praising God rather than sleep.  

The next day I had to go to Europe for a series of meetings, that one plate of spaghetti I covered with cellophane and left it in the refrigerator.

I ministered almost a month and came home after midnight, starved. I opened the fridge and the only thing that was left was that one old plate of spaghetti. I lifted the cellophane and smelled it. It was still good. I heated it in the microwave and wolfed it down with delight and... it had the same affect on me like on those Polish pastors, I relaxed and fell asleep.