I was invited to a Slavic church in Buenos Aires Argentina. My translator was Pastor Marcos from Mar del Plata and his friend Gorge.

Gorge became a Pastor of several flourishing churches in Buenos Aires. Prior to our engagement the pastor of the Slavic Church invited me to his house for a lunch, but after the service he approached me and said that he regrets for his wife is in bed down with fever so she was not able to prepare a meal. I responded to this as the Lord directed and said: 'my dear brother the Word says let your "YES" be "YES" and let your "NO" be "NO" everything else is of evil, you gave me your word, fever or no fever that word is more powerful than sickness. The pastor smiled and said, 'OK in that case please come anyway.

As we entered his house I asked for the bedroom where his stricken with fever wife laid. I laid hands on her and commanded the fever to leave at once. I told her that at the meal table we would be delighted to fellowship with her. In no time she was up, fresh and totally healed.

The meal was ready. The lady of the house with smiling face and rosy cheeks joined us at the table giving thanks for her healing and God's bountiful provisions. 



On our way from Holland to Germany we have received a call from Tania a member of our church. She said that her little niece is in critical condition and that now for days her fever is raising to lethal levels and no medication can bring it down; the doctors are also puzzled. This little girl was being consumed and almost or already had lost consciousness. I myself did not answer the call, but my helper and driver Bob who is a very compassionate man. With a real pain in his voice he relates this to me and tries to hand the phone over to me, but I said, 'no, you pray for her'. 'But I do not know what to say - he said - I have never done anything like it.' I responded telling him this: 'say what I say, just repeat after me. Then the words I gave to him he gave further on to Tania, word for word.

When I heard that no medication could help, neither did doctors know what to do, I knew that God passed this case over to me to deal with. As Tania's pastor I felt responsible to call on God on her behalf and especially for her unbelieving family. Not even five minutes passed when we got another call, this time Tania was praising God for the miracle. She exclaimed with joy how instantly the fever has left the little girl and that the temperature stabilized in minutes. The girl was out of danger. Tania's family were all pleasantly surprised to say the least for they witnessed the present day power of God in operation right before their very eyes. Indeed He is the same yesterday, today and forever. He has not changed, perhaps we did and therefore it is us who must change in order to behold the Unchangeable One working miracles in our lives?