A faithful supporter of this ministry living in Italy heard of my meetings in Germany. Just a few days before she heard about these meetings she was diagnosed with breast cancer. The tumors grew to an egg size, and after many tests the doctor ordered an immediate surgery.  Instead of going under the knife the the lady took her elderly mother and here two young girls and traveled north to Germany. When I heard of her coming I asked someone to pay the small price of little inconvenience and bring the family to the meeting. Often distance and the inconvenience of changing one's routine life is the required price, just as those who had torn the roof down so that they might bring their might catch Jesus'  attention, and the moment they did this the paralyzed had received his forgiveness and regained his health. After hearing this story the cancer-stricken was brought to the meeting. Our meetings were actually held at a private medical center and the owner, a doctor himself, was present. When I asked the lady to come to the front God did not wait for me to to touch her but His holy fire fell on the woman and I had to catch her for she was about to fall mumbling something about being hot. She sort limply hanged on to me and I had to ask someone to help me to hold her. Like a drunkard woman she staggered and laughed. I asked her to feel the tumors, she attempted to but she could not find them.  Her daughter sprang up and as before she knew where the egg-size tumor was now there was nothing.


The next days the doctor took the lady for a careful examination, all the tests only confirmed the miracle, no tumor.


Back in Italy her angry doctor examined her again, the tests reveled nothing of the old, but something brand new; the blood was free from cancerous substances, the old x-ray showed a big black mass in the upper part of her breast, but now the new x-ray revealed a clear picture. "What, prayer, laying on of hands, no one gets healed that way" - the doctor shouted. The lady was forced to undergo more tests, which only confirmed the miraculous. 


A group of people brought another wheelchair-bound cancer-stricken man. (This is also recorded on tape.) Together with elders and ushers we have lifted the man from the wheelchair; he was not able to use his limbs for a very long time, practically eaten by cancer from top to bottom, unable to properly digest a meal. After the prayer he could stand, free of all pain, but being frustrated that his muscles are too weak to carry him anywhere he sat down back in the chair. On that Sunday afternoon at the Life Chapel one of the ushers testified how has accidentally bumped into that the cancer-stricken man in a restaurant. With great joy he reported that since that day he kept recovering, he can eat everything and experiences no pain, his strength is coming back; he is healed. Glory to God!      


In Cleveland Tennessee a lady approached me asking me if I would be willing to visit her friend who was laying in a hospital stricken with cancer? The doctors did not give her a week to live. In those days I was just beginning to learn to be in tune with God's will; I told the lady to give me some time. I went behind the pulpit and prayed asking if the sick lady is meant to live or is she meant go. Very clearly the Lord showed me that she was not meant to depart yet and that He will heal her. I announced the good news and we traveled some distance to the hospital. When we entered her room another lady with flowers in hand was saying 'goodbye' to the sick lady; that did not settle well with me, because i cam on a different mission. After few words, I came up with an idea how to be rid of this believer in doctors opinion and brought up the scripture from James 5 how the sick should ask fro the elders, confess sins etc. "Since  we do not need to know your sins," I said to the patient, "it would be better that we all go outside and leave you alone with the Lord." That was the opportunity to be rid of any interference. I was pacing the hall waiting for a signal, meanwhile more people tried to get to the patient's room, but I have told the lady who invited me that no one is allowed to go to her room, but at my word. So the visitors waited in line close the wall, suddenly, in my spirit, I saw a ball of light falling on the hospital, everything went bright and I started to giggle; then I looked at the group of the new arrivals and behold they are weeping being pressed against the wall. The atmosphere changed, I motioned to the lade in the hall to not let anyone in; I entered myself and my spiritual eyes were opened. At the foot of the patient's bed there stood my Master, Jesus the same one as child I have seen in my dream. He blinked His eyes at me and smiled nodding His head with approval, I was stunned, the room was filled with light and the lady was weeping, her face was radiant. Jesus disappeared and now I was dealing with the lady one to one. I laid hands on her and prophesied that after three days she will leave this hospital healed. Then I opened the door and sternly told the visitors to not say 'goodbye', but rather congratulate her for her miraculous recovery.    

The next day I got a phone call from the lady that asked me to visit the patient: "brother Luxum, you will not believe what she did today; she asked for food and she ate two plates." The next day the same voice on the phone brought me another news, "brother Luxum you won't believe what she did today, she got up and washed her hair." On the following day she called me again telling me how the lady dressed her self up and was on her way out, the nurses stopped her at the door and turned her back. After examinations, screens and tests the patient was confirmed free of cancer and was released from the hospital with a cancer-free report.