In one of my meetings in Texas a young girl with tears in her eyes told  me that her daddy had been bleeding already for one year. Diagnosed with intestinal cancer, too far spread to treat it; the case was hopeless. 

I told the girl to come the next day to the meeting and bring her daddy's favored shirt. The next day she was there clutching her daddy's shirt, her eyes were filled with hope. In that meeting she gave her heart to the Lord and then together with the elders of that church we spoke to the laying in bed at home Albert to be healed. The girl's daddy was of course too week to come to the meeting himself, that was the reason I asked for his shirt, which according to scripture represents him for clothes and the person wearing them are one before the Lord. All this was recorded on video, which I planned to use for TV productions.

About 10 days later, I asked the pastor of that church if he could ask all those people that experienced a miracle or would like to testify of other people's miracles that were at my meetings, but are not present today.

At the end of the meeting the line was long and one by one testified of wonders the Lord had performed during the 21 - days of breakthrough meetings. The young girl, who did not belong to that church rushed to come just for the time of testimonies.

Here is what she said: that night we prayed for my daddy, it was bout 10 PM, the bleeding all of a sudden stopped and the pain left his body. Then my dad was getting stronger each day, wearing the shirt brother Luxum had touched. After ten days, without any sign of bleeding, which no medicine could stop before, Albert went for a CAT scan. The results were astounding, there was no trace of cancer, not a scar, as if there was nothing. The doctors admitted that it is truly a miracle for they have never before seen anything like it. My dad is living normally gaining weight and getting stronger each day.