I was asked to pray for a young pregnant lady over the phone. The umbilical cord was wrapped around the baby’s neck asphyxiating the baby. The heartbeat was already fainting. The perplexed mother met my helper who told her about me. The doctors decided to operate soon after the baby dies and that was not a pretty picture, which they have painted for the expectant mother. I said to the lady that this very moment the baby turns in her belly; and precisely at that moment the baby turned inside her. I told her to go to the doctor and be examined again. Lo and behold the baby’s umbilical cord was untied and the heart rate became normal. On December 17th 2012 the mother gave birth to a healthy baby



Not so long ago a lady came to me directly from a clink. “My baby is dead.” She wept. “I must be operated.” And then she looked at me. I was a complete stranger to her. (But God loves pregnant mothers, even if they have conceived after being raped or have fornicated.) God’s mercy for new life is enormous. I touched her belly and spoke to the dead child to come to life. Yes, I have removed death from her womb, in Jesus’ name, and spoke life. Next year in the same church she came with the once dead baby, but now alive in her arms with tears of joy streaming down her face. Elated she told me about her experience. When I called for life the baby in her started to kick. She went to the Clinic. Low and behold the baby was alive and healthy; it was not brain damaged for in God time does not exist.


An African lady came to one of my meetings telling me that she wants to get pregnant, but she was operated and both of her ovaries have been removed and that she had no uterus anymore. I asked her if she has that intense desire to become a mother. She said that it is overwhelmingly so. “In that case, I see that this is God’s desire planted in you.” I said and laid hands on her prophesying supernatural pregnancy and birth. Next year in the same place there comes the smiling lady with a baby stroller. Without hesitation she said to all present how the man of God prophesied over her in that place and how she supernaturally conceived and bore a child. She took her baby out of the stroller and showed it to all.