Once in Brazil I have seen four angels entering the room they were touching people while the hall was filled with the fragrance of incense and myrrh.  


Once in Switzerland three man made their way through the midst of the crowd, and sat right in front of me. I had a hard time preaching and cried for help that's when these three appeared. The moment the service was over I excused myself and ran after these men who during the meeting were as pure inspiration to me, if it weren't for these three most likely I would altogether stop sharing the word, but when I asked the people if they had seen them no one could identify them, no one has seen them.  


In Texas I conducted evangelistic meetings, but had a really hard time. I had to stop several times and in my heart prayed to God to help me. That moment an older man walked into the church and sat in the back. I fixed my gaze on him, bypassed all the other religion-seared folks as if he was the only one present. He just smiled and soaked up the Word. I enjoyed every minute of it. I asked the pastor if he knew that man, but he replied that he's never seen him before. Well, the next day the same man came again and sat in exactly the same spot and again I preached as if just for him. Again I asked the pastor, but as before he did not take note of the stranger. Sunday arrived and I told the pastor to really pay attention the stranger. After the service he told me that indeed he spoke with. 


The church was located in open parries and no one comes by foot or bicycle, everyone must drive for in the largest state of the union everything is just big. 


Well, the pastor chatted with the stranger who said that he comes from here and from there, but gave no specific place, did not share his name and that's how they parted. The last Lewis saw of him was a dust cloud as he peddled his bicycle away. But as for me I had a success, people were saved and healed and fully embraced me, someone even gave me a Yamaha 500 motorcycle, which I enjoyed for many years then sold to pay my bills.